My big project, Finishing the Ward 4 AMICAALL/Nhlangano Town Council Social Center, the PCPP


Peace Corps Partnership Proposal (PCPP) with the Nhlangano Town Council (NTC)

First application draft submitted Feb, 2011
Approved & Funding Begins on PC website May 17th
Construction started on Oct 24th.
All exterior construction done by Dec 20th.
Grand Opening Jan 5th, 2012
Round 2 of the Funding arrives in early January.
Interior Only Construction Restarts Jan 16th.
Construction all done Feb 16th (minus a million tiny To Do's)
Project Officially Closed May 4th, 2012

Let the children play, learn & be safe.

As of Aug 25th, 2012, I am no longer a PCV, I am now RPCV (Return Peace Corps Volunteer). This blog is my experience in Swaziland between June of 2010 & Aug of 2012. Enjoy.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SSCS part 16 (Day Two of the tournament of SSCS)

So 4 teams advanced from the previous days tournament.

At 9:00am the first semi final game started on time again. The weather on the previous day was excellent with sun but not hot. On this day it was cloud cover and chilly for Swaziland (no jacket needed for an normal American)

On this day, MTN was bringing in Swaziland's most famous singing/musician Bholoja,who is the face/paid endorser of MTN Mobile Money. When we pitched them the idea of this event, it was intended to be quite this big but when they came up with the idea of bring Bholoja it became a much bigger event. And in the middle of the 2nd game people just started streaming in. The count around the time Bholoja was playing was over 600 people. Sabelo & I got up on stage to thank everyone for being apart of the event. It was such hard work getting the event to this place and so gratifying to have so many people and for it to be such a success. Sabelo & I being up there didn't make the AMICAALL executives to happy since it wasn't in the protocol. But basically this whole event was out of protocol.

The summary:
So here are the number & facts of the event.

-- 9630 votes cast for about 30 different teams, although 10 had less then 10 votes.
-- AMICAALL raised a little over R3000 from the voting lines plus more from the gate collections. The split is 60/40 teams to AMICAALL
-- 3 Social Centers in Lavumisa, 12 In Hlatikulu and 1 Nhlangano had charity work done to them to help
-- Several teams fixed up Gogo (grandmothers) hut, one dug a bore hole (water well)

And personally:
I got to visit some new spots in Swaziland.
Managed a region wide event.
Helped gather funding


Helped the soccer teams of Shiselweni earn some money.

Overall, it was a great event, we jumped over the hurdles, busted through the roadblocks and created a very successful event.

Now its time to rest.

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  1. Glad to see that the tournament and other parts of the event went off so well. Nice that the rain didn't muddy up the playing field. Great work - now for the well deserved rest! :)