My big project, Finishing the Ward 4 AMICAALL/Nhlangano Town Council Social Center, the PCPP


Peace Corps Partnership Proposal (PCPP) with the Nhlangano Town Council (NTC)

First application draft submitted Feb, 2011
Approved & Funding Begins on PC website May 17th
Construction started on Oct 24th.
All exterior construction done by Dec 20th.
Grand Opening Jan 5th, 2012
Round 2 of the Funding arrives in early January.
Interior Only Construction Restarts Jan 16th.
Construction all done Feb 16th (minus a million tiny To Do's)
Project Officially Closed May 4th, 2012

Let the children play, learn & be safe.

As of Aug 25th, 2012, I am no longer a PCV, I am now RPCV (Return Peace Corps Volunteer). This blog is my experience in Swaziland between June of 2010 & Aug of 2012. Enjoy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Swear In Day

SWEAR IN DAY. (The I become official Peace Corps Moment)
I become an official card carrying PCV (Peace Corp Volunteer), I got a piece of paper and soon a whole bunch more.

The ceremony has the Prime Minister of Swaziland at, US Amabassor, and NERCHA Minister all giving speeches.

By the way, the PM went to Syracuse in the 60's. Needless to say during the hand shake, the only interaction I had with him, I told him I was an Alumni also. GO SYRACUSE AND ITS INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL INFLUENCE.

I meet several of the US embassy staff, I really want a job in the Embassy after my two yrs. Then we ate lunch.

And then I probably set a record from swear in to the sick bay/med unit.

Waiting in line to go to the bathroom, my stomach did a total loop de loop, my head started spinning, my vision got blurry and I fainted and fell down. I have never fainted in my life and had no idea what happen.

Stop reading if don't want to the gross details that followed.

Basically, I shit my pants, became totally nauseas and couldn't focus, and totally felt like I was going to throw up. I felt like all hell was breaking loose in my body. And since literally the entire PC Staff & a bunch of Group 7 was around I was of course the concern of day. As I sat in a chair with a pile of runny shit in my pants and trying not to throw up.

(By the way, numerous other people were have similar problems my was just more sudden and violent. Actual cause unknown but it had to be something in the food the day before cause easily 7 to 10 people were having problems.)

So a driver, myself and PCMO head down to the PC Office and sick bay. I have never been car sick in my life, but I was fighting it all the way down for the hour drive, by the way the PCMO actually had to go buy me some shorts and underwear to change into. Time Difference from Swear in to Sick Bay probably right around 3 hrs. Other then blisters from my feet from my soccer shoes, I was 100% all the way through training. WELCOME TO THE PEACE CORPS.

So after being given some wonderful fix me up medication, I was sent to Gloria's to recover. After some more violent throwing up and shitting. I promptly went to sleep around 6pm woke up a 8am the next morning

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