My big project, Finishing the Ward 4 AMICAALL/Nhlangano Town Council Social Center, the PCPP


Peace Corps Partnership Proposal (PCPP) with the Nhlangano Town Council (NTC)

First application draft submitted Feb, 2011
Approved & Funding Begins on PC website May 17th
Construction started on Oct 24th.
All exterior construction done by Dec 20th.
Grand Opening Jan 5th, 2012
Round 2 of the Funding arrives in early January.
Interior Only Construction Restarts Jan 16th.
Construction all done Feb 16th (minus a million tiny To Do's)
Project Officially Closed May 4th, 2012

Let the children play, learn & be safe.

As of Aug 25th, 2012, I am no longer a PCV, I am now RPCV (Return Peace Corps Volunteer). This blog is my experience in Swaziland between June of 2010 & Aug of 2012. Enjoy.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Project Part 6 (The Painters)

So Just on Friday:

As the bricklayers completed the plastering then in came Senzo & Sambulo, who I nicknamed the S&S Paint crew, See them here in action.  They were part of the previous paint classes & pretty much painted this entire Center.  Here is more of their story


So like the days after the Art Class,  I paid them for their work.  Now it is often encouraged that we get people to volunteer to help with some of these projects.  Which I mostly didn't do since most of the work took skilled people who generally don't work for free anyway.  But I liked paying people. People asking me for job is most common question I have gotten pretty much from the first day I got here.  So it was the my pleasure & thanks to some American money (& Donors).  A couple of young men have some money in their pockets, some art training & I hope a future as an artist.  But this was just work.  They did it all in one day, which I expected.

The skirting is unfinished here.

The building now has some interesting color mixing going on.  The original khaki exterior paint had so little left over that we didn't have enough to really do much with it, so the decision was made since we had a whole bucket & half of the Cream we used on the interior to just use it outside instead of spending several hundred more Rand.  So although it is hard to tell in pictures the kitchen's exterior is cream & the building in khaki.  The brown skirt is the same.  And since the interior kitchen didn't matter the color and we had half bucket of red left over we painted the kitchen pot cooking area I nice shade of red.

Notice the skirting is only the right since we ran out.

Pre-paint & plastering

We also got creative and left the back area over the cooking fires plastered but unpainted.  In just a matter of months this will be black from the cooking fires just like it was before it was plastered.

No windows but painted walls, no quite ideal but nicer.

Unfortunately there was not enough time, nor did I plan it before starting this last project, to install to new windows.  So maybe some day in the future they will put in windows.  BUT I doubt it.

     And they did a great job.
    You can see the slight color difference between the part on the right of the door & then to the left of it.
 So with a now completely new paint job it looks great all the way around and when you see it with the art, it makes it a great Social Center, now if only HIV can be cured & students learn without teachers (who are striking currently) their would be no need for this Center.  But since pre-schoolers need teachers & HIV is still going to be around for awhile this Center will be getting a lot of use. 

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