My big project, Finishing the Ward 4 AMICAALL/Nhlangano Town Council Social Center, the PCPP


Peace Corps Partnership Proposal (PCPP) with the Nhlangano Town Council (NTC)

First application draft submitted Feb, 2011
Approved & Funding Begins on PC website May 17th
Construction started on Oct 24th.
All exterior construction done by Dec 20th.
Grand Opening Jan 5th, 2012
Round 2 of the Funding arrives in early January.
Interior Only Construction Restarts Jan 16th.
Construction all done Feb 16th (minus a million tiny To Do's)
Project Officially Closed May 4th, 2012

Let the children play, learn & be safe.

As of Aug 25th, 2012, I am no longer a PCV, I am now RPCV (Return Peace Corps Volunteer). This blog is my experience in Swaziland between June of 2010 & Aug of 2012. Enjoy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A morning/day with a puppy.

So I wake him up as I am pissing in the toilet. It is obvious that he doesn’t have a clue where he is and is nervous but surprisingly friendly.

I really don’t know what to do but he has bugs and dirt all over him. So I put him in the bathtub and wash him. Unfortunately, its cold water, so he isn’t happy at all but doesn’t really fight back or even remotely make an attempt to bite me. But does try to escape.

So with the dirt off him and few bugs I begin picking more of the bugs off him. Since I have to go to work I have to walk around my house getting dressed and such and he just follows me around and sits down right next to my every time I stop. Seriously, right at my feet.

So I head to work wondering about this puppy in my place covered in bugs.

Anyway, there was zero going on and so I got out of there around noon. I come back and he is sleeping but a puddle of piss and small shit on the busted up tiles is laying there (I totally expected that). And so he starts following me around the apt. I bought dog food, dog vitamins and flea soap. He gets another bath, doesn’t really work to well, so I begin picking bugs off him and kill them in water. I literally hold him like a baby above the sink and pick these little fuckers off plus there are ticks. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised and it is probably one of the main reasons Swazys don’t let them in their homes. Anyway for the first day, here is the routine, he follows me around, I pick him up and pick off the bugs. I do my thing as he just always moves close to me. He got another cold bath.

Plus, he got a big sized portion of real dog food with vitamins and he regained some energy. Feed, pick bugs, pick up and then he sleeps. But nothing like a puppy normal has. Anyway, he loves sleeping on my foot. As I sit here typing this, he is curled up in a ball sleeping away on my foot, he literally seeks out my foot to sleep on. And I think he really likes the bug hunting sessions. He literally slept through the late night one. But he got three good meals today. I think he was just starving, although I am not sure if he has good hearing and he surely doesn’t have a very good nose. But those could the senses that are still developing, he can’t be more a month old.

It took a while to figure out his name. But since this dog picked me, I figured my first gesture towards him should inspire his name.

Actually, his full name is Bread Crust, but no one calls him that though.
You know what I got regular job that brings me home at 4:00 almost every day and a regular schedule WHY NOT HAVE A DOG. (plus, my entire place is all tile, so no carpet stains.)

Oh by way, since he eats more his shits are bigger and he seems to have a little more energy. And his bug population is decreasing slowly.

I am truly amazed what keeps happening over here in Swaziland.

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